The 33rd Entry Window

St. George's Church, RAF Halton

The harp representing the largest
apprentice band,with one hundred
and ten musicians.

The orange hat band for
No.4 Wing.

The coronet for our Earl.

The rings for our Air Vice-Marshal.

The beech leaves and primroses
recalling our cross-country runs.

The crown on a black square
for the last Entry to witness
the Drumming Out and
Public Flogging ceremony.

The opaque white barrack square
for the only Entry whose
Passing Out Parade was cancelled
because of snow on the parade

The figures representing the last
Entry to wear pantaloons and the
dog collar tunic.
Also the last of the Fitter 2's.

The ammunition for our Armourers.

The chequered hat band
for No.3 Wing.


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